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  • 1.1. Your use of this website is subject to these terms and conditions.
  • 1.2. By using this website, you fully agree to these terms and conditions.
  • 1.3. By using this website, you fully agree to these terms and conditions.
  • 1.4. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions or any part of these terms, you should not use this website.
  • 1.5. ou must be at least 18 years old to use this website. By using this web site and by accepting these terms and conditions, you are warranted that you are at least 18 years old.
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  • 2.1. If you have the right to grant a license to use this site in accordance with the terms of use for the following actions, you have a non-transferable and irrevocable right; Valuation data, website statistics, wander analysis (based on countries), retrieval of countdown and quality, etc.
  • 2.2. To warm up with site functionality, to change the basic software code, to evaluate our servers, etc. We also ban actions. Similar actions are forbidden. Certain features that may be available to you may require registration or permission from the subscription or the administrators.
  • 2.3. If you wish to register or subscribe to such services / features on our website, you agree to give accurate and up-to-date information about your website and agree to not update this information at any time if any changes occur.
  • 2.4. It is entirely responsible for any activity that occurs in user accounts and keeps your password safe and secure.
  • 2.5. The Site shall not be liable in any way for any damage or loss suffered as a result of the disconnection of your website or connection due to failure of this section.


  • 3.1. Your publications, opinions, questions, criticisms and suggestions that are in communication with us become our sole and exclusive property and will not be returned to you.
  • 3.2. You should not allow any website to be illegally sent, mislead us or our third party as originating any presentation.


  • 4.1. You always have full rights to use our website at all times.
  • 4.2. We reserve the right to terminate our site without any prior notice to our site for improvements, maintenance or other aspects beyond our control.


  • 5.1. Any link to the other site shall not be seen as a partnership or endorsement or guarantee that the site is legible.
  • 5.2. In any case, users are at their own risk if they monitor their connection.


  • 6.1. If we are suspected of violating the rules without any prior notice to you, we have the right to change or terminate the terms and conditions and to revoke the rights of any of them.
  • 6.2. Upon termination of this contract, you will immediately end all access and use of our website until further notice.


  • 7.1. Your web site's aggregation and website statistics collected and displayed for the use of our site will be kept in accordance with our privacy policy on our site. 7.2. For that, be sure to read our privacy policy to see if the security level is in place.


  • 8.1. You acknowledge that the information posted on our site is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice and is not to be taken as a representation, warranty or guarantee.
  • 8.2. Unless otherwise stated, you are prohibited from making a final note on a third party that puts your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions in jeopardy.


  • 9.1. If any provision of these terms and conditions is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and / or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
  • 9.2. If any provision that is illegal and / or unenforceable is legally or enforceable, this section shall be deemed deleted and the remainder shall remain in force.


  • 10.1. Copyright (c) [2017] [srcmrc.com].
  • 10.2. Subject to the express provision of these terms and conditions: We, along with our licensors, own and control the copyrights and other intellectual property rights on our website and the materials on our website.
  • 10.3. Copyright and other intellectual property rights are reserved for our website and other materials on our website.


  • 11.1 Without prejudice to any other terms and conditions, if you in any way violate these terms and conditions or if you reasonably suspect that you have in any way violated these terms and conditions:

    (a) Send you one or more official alerts;

    (b) Temporarily suspend your access to my website;

    (c) Permanently block access to my website;

    (d) Block computers using your IP address to access my website;

    (e) Contact any or all of your Internet service providers and ask them to block access to my website;

    (f) Initiate legal action against you if the contract is violated or otherwise violated; And / or

    (g) Suspend or delete our website from our website.

  • 11.2. You should not take any action to suspend or prohibit or block (including without limitation creating and / or using another account) any such suspension or prohibition of access to a section of our website or website.
  • 12.0. Third party rights
  • 12.1 These terms and conditions are for our benefit and interest, and these terms and conditions are not intended to be prosecuted or enforced by any third party.
  • 12.2 The use of the parties' rights under these terms and conditions is not subject to the recourse of a third party.

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